“Go and tell your master that we have been charged by God with a sacred quest” — http://www.montypython.com/.

So, now you have a Design System. Congratulations!

Your journey(s) must have been quite something. From buy-in, to spreading the love, from that one person band to a small dedicated team to full governance, from that style guide you called your Design System to the beast it has become, from launch to augment and maintain.

I certainly do not want to clash (pun intended) with you, the digital industry I work for… and in. But honestly, what can you bring to me, beyond what I can share or have given to you?

Probably a lot. Probably more then I know about.

Then again, why are you making me feel I am not worthy of being in your industry? Why am I, after all these years of sweat and tears, still feeling I do not belong? Did you, yet again, come up with the latest buzzword I do not know about? Have you invented yet another…

Dalahäst - https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/Wooden_pony.jpg

In a perfect world all my wishes would be granted.
In a perfect world I rock.

My Birthday list in my perfect world;

  • A magic wand to explain Design Systems to… any stakeholder.
    Because I do not want to adapt the way I share it with different audiences.
  • A universal 30 seconds pitch elevator to get funding… until the Design System outcomes are ready to start proving its value.
  • Tools, tools, tools to help… me. Because lets’ face it, I’m the key factor here. People, ways of working, teams and clients, adapt or die.
  • A whole tribe of unicorns, willing…

I am a Product Owner. Call me Roger.

I had this vision. Meeting. Pitched my deck after two weeks to my manager, she went ballistic. Why? Why did we wait till today? Get me that for yesterday. We have a team of very savvy people, no problem. Meeting. I know we can crush that deadline, no biggie, eight weeks and we’re rolling.

I’m a Dragon, where’s my den? Fact. Life is good. Let’s get ready to rumble.

Email, attach keynote. Reply. Can’t open.
Where’s the attachment? Forward pdf, cc.
CIO likes it, but change this and that, will you darling?
Email, bcc.
Ok, green light.
One week. Seven to go.
No problemo, we’ll catch…

Design is changing the world, so we hear. Adobe talks about the Design Advantage, the Harvard Business Revue says that Design Thinking comes of age, the Design Management institute says that Design-Driven companies outperform S&P by 228% over ten years. Deloitte claims that the new organisation is Different by design in its Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report. The trend of acquisitions of Design companies has never been so hot.

All the major consultancies, both management and strategy, as well as the systems integrators are investing considerably in design services. You get the idea…

Indeed, today everyone recognises the profound…

Marcos Peebles

Web since 90's, Design Systems ❤, Design, Code & Rants

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